It’s the 21st century and it’s obvious: 2D photography is out, 3D is in! Capture every detail in the blink of an eye and print as many scale-sized copies as you’d like. This technology truly is the future!

Advanced 3D scanning technology has existed for over a decade, but the only people who got to use it were engineers and architects. We believe everybody should be able to take advantage of this fun, revolutionary technology! Whether you want to document your pregnancy, show off a cosplay outfit you’re proud of, or just think your friends and family need an action figure of their favorite person, we offer you the future today!

Traditional Photographers take and print photos in 2 dimensions on various sized prints and digital editing. Modeled Citizen captures your figure of choice and prints in a precisely replicated, scaled-to-size, three dimensional figure. Think of the final product as an action figure or a doll. We offer optional digital editing for touch ups and various sizes for print as well as reprints.

Here are some things our customers have said:
“He’s exactly like you in every way, only 1/12th your size!”
“This is amazing! It’s like I have a miniature you in my hand.”

Our base package includes your 3D model, digital editing to streamline printing, and a 1:12 scale single color plastic 3D print! You can upgrade to a full color sandstone print at 1:20 scale for an additional fee. Modeled Citizen uses Thing Hero’s print services to enable delivery of you printed in hundreds of materials, colors, and sizes from a 1″ D&D miniature to a life sized full color replica of you. Digital file delivery is available with or without color texture data.